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Default Mini F-16 vintage project consideration

Hey Guys,
You have been very helpful on an old thread I dug up and asked a few questions on. Obviously this project has become a little more to me than just a few casual questions, so I thought I should start a thread here. Your expertise on the 1/2 A stuff seems spot on.

Background - skip to the bottom if you want to get to the thread -

When I was 11 years old (1980) and budding RC enthusiast, I was learning to fly. I was riding my bicycle 7 miles to the LHS almost all the time. The 1980 AMA magazine featured a build article of a Mini F-16 1/2A ducted fan and I was enamored. I wanted to build and fly that thing so bad. Anyway the good people at the LHS kept steering me away from the Axifo RK-049 and over to the K&B .40's and Falcon 56's. Thankfully they did - I have been flying RC ever since. I would occasionally buy some sheet plywood thinking I could start making the duct and they would look at me through a crooked eye and ask what I was up to and I'd say nothing LOL. They knew and steered me right.

So in the last AMA issue they featured a small retro article on this airplane and I couldn't help but feeling as enamored as I was 20plus years ago. The reality of this project is that the technology is ancient, parts obsolete, and the plane probably didn't fly that well or have much power. Now the obvious answer is to just put an EDF in it, but if I'm going to do that I might as well just buy a foam one. It will probably be a fraction of the cost and fly so much better. I might just do that anyway too.

With all that said, the object of this undertaking, should I choose to do so, would be to make it 1/2A nitro ducted fan using the original plans. I'm not against hopping it up maybe say an .090 instead of a .049, current electronics and maybe building materials to shave some weight off (carbon fiber etc.), it needs to fly reasonably well so I can enjoy it.

The Thread - on to the issues -

To tackle this project I need to come up with a power plant. All the Nitro Ducted fan units are obsolete and hard to find. The Axiflo was one of the first and as such the ones which came later (Kamdam ect). performed much better. After a week or so of consideration I think the best course of action is to just build my own. After all those kits were not all that complicated and if you can find one now it’s going to be on the order of $120 without the motor. The problem is the FAN. I can't build that. I've got to find one somewhere. I found a guy who has several Axiflo .049 and .21 size fans, I'm going to try and scoop those up (see pic attached).

I have the plans and instructions for everything so I'm sure we can create something.

The next step is to tackle the power plant. Original engine was the Tee Dee .049, but I am thinking Tee Dee .090. However, I have no idea how that is going to work with the fan. maybe it works well with the .049 but surely just swapping in a .090 is likely going to need a different size FAN.

So please give me your questions and comments. Is this a waste of time? What do you think about the power plants? What motor should I use? NIB cox motors can be had, but is there a modern equivalent I should consider?

Once we get past these critical issues then the real fun stuff can start. For instance, the plans show a flat bottom wing. Really? Can we do better and make it go faster?....

Kind regards,
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