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Default RE: Mini F-16 vintage project consideration

The Fan Trainer with a Kustom Kraftsmanship modified TD .049 and a cut down 5x3 prop inside the shroud was able to fly reasonably well....but looked kind of cartoonish with the sound effects of a 25,000 rpm engine inside a plane that was going maybe 40 mph.

It was also a pain to engage the engine with any kind of a starter to crank the engine.

High rpm engines trade torque for high rpm horsepower. Electric motors don't need to, they can develope max torque right from the get go and still spool up into high rpms. This is one reason why it makes more sense to go electric here.

There isn't any substitute for cubic inches with ducted fan models. The bigger models with 1 cubic inch engines had performance that was almost worth the expense and effort that went into making them go.

Depending on your expectations, it might be best to sacrifice a cheap TD to one of these "Easy Bake Oven" projects than it would to spend a couple hundred bucks on a world class small displacement engine and then end up roasting it without seeing anything worth watching.