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Default 1/4 Scale Pfalz DrI

While I've been enjoying flying the Pfalz DXV and Halbi DIII, I've been thinking about the next project and finally started my third in a series of Pfalz aircraft. The DrI! For awhile I thought about refitting my DIIIa with a third wing, as the Eversbusch brothers tried in 1917, but since that experiment didn't pan out very well, I chose the more successful, purpose-built DrI. While not especially fast, the Pfalz DrI, with a counter-rotating 160 Hp Siemens & Halske SH.III engine, had the fastest climb of any German aircraft; 11.5 minutes to 5,000m! I drew the plans to 1/3 scale, then decided to build a 1/4 scale prototype first, to prove out the design, and hopefully have a light-weight fun-size airplane to chase and be chased. My weight goal is around 15 lbs, Fuji 43 powered. This airplane will have less detail than others I've built, with the goal of flying in the Spring. The 1/3 scale, if I get there, will be more scale. Mainly the short cuts I'm taking to save time, is to build 1-piece wings. This means considerable simplification of the fairings around the lower wing. Due to the short tail moment, I increased the stab area about 10%. And the controls will not have cables. Otherwise the outlines are scale, which makes for a pretty unusual airplane; The fuselage is round and stocky and the middle wing is very high aspect ratio (16:1). I suppose it qualifies as a sesquiplane triplane!

I have the wings and fuselage framed - pictures will follow.
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