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Default RE: Mini F-16 vintage project consideration

Hey Guys,
I just purchased a bunch of stuff I found from a guy on Ebay. I got an .049 fan n shroud (make?? I donno) and several RK-709 Fans. There are also some RK-720 parts, but I figured I'd just take the whole package. I think he also has the plans / instructions for the RK-709. He seemed to have quite a bit of knowledge about this stuff from back in the day, so maybe he's a source I can continue to tap on.

My plan or thinking at the moment is to basically scratch build my fan using the RK-049 plans and RK-709 Fan rotor and Tee Dee .090. I have found several threads where people have flown this Mini F-16 and it was claimed be the best flying of the 3 popular models of the period. That is encuraging. Maybe tanking up with the .090 will give it just a little more flyability? I am banking on the fact that someone (Kress???) spent enough time matching the .090 to the fan used in the RK-709. Without the dyno's and test equipment this is the most reasonable decision I can make with regards to this build.

But get this. He was also suggesting to me that I go with one of these motors:


I could have bought three of them for the price of the fan parts I just bought. What do you guys think of this? 35K RPM can that be real?

Thanks for the support

Jon, No problem, but scratch building one of these is going to hard without the fan. maybe i can take some detailed measurements (CMM???) and we can talk about modifying them?