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Default RE: 1/4 Scale Pfalz DrI

The Semens Halske contra rotating engine was also used in the SSW DIII and DIV and that aircraft was also a fast climber and bears resemblence to a beer keg with wings. The Pfalz is also sort of stubby and round. There is a support for the front of the engine, between it and the prop that was a rigid part of the engine mounting thus all the "spokes" in the front of the cowl. Because of thier late entry into the conflict and due to lots of teething problems with the S-Halskey engine they were mainly assigned to home guard units for defense against night bomber raids utilizing thier rapid climb abilities
With the carbon fiber and sheer webs the wing should be quite strong enough. Is there a way you could use a sort of hinge for your L strut brackets? They could fold down for removal and require a smaller hole. Just thinking