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Default RE: TT 61 GP leaning out?

thanks for all the tips fellas!!

it is definately a TT 61 GP as it has GP on the engine left side and 61 on the right. tank is situated such that the centerline is even with carb, maybe 1/8" inch high but certainly no more. replaced both o-rings, removed tank and inspected ( no sign of pin holes ) and replaced fuel lines anyway. i did notice the air bleed seemed to have backed out maybe from vibration but idle has been great and so has transition to WOT. The problem is only at WOT. At idle i could point the plane straight up and no change but i think I'm still going to put LSN 1/2 way across the opening and re-tune from there. by the way, there are no air bubbles in the fuel line at any time. it got late and i didn't get to run it but will first thing in the morning and see what happens.

thanks again for all the input!!!!