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A few more.... these fiberglass plates will bolt to bulkheads to hold strut wires in place. That is, the LG and cabane struts will have 1/8 music wire cores. Those wires will extend into the fuselage and have an L bend on the ends. These plates have slotted plywood liners that will hold the wires in place. And it makes them easy to remove. Seeing this model in 3D really drives home how stocky the airplane was. Next step - cut some holes in the fuselage for the middle wing. If you look back at the plywood fuselage sides, there's a big cut-out for the wing. And there's tiny 1/2 circle cutouts in front and back of the wing cutouts. The straight bottoms of those semi-circles are datums indicating the height and angle to align the middle wing. So I can suspend the wing in the cutouts, on a fixture that references those semi-circles, and build up the fairings . Since the fairings will be attached to the wing, one side will be just a little bigger than the other, so the wing fits tightly and slips out easily in one direction. That's the idea anyway. We'll see! Lastly - a picture of all three wings together shows just how narrow that middle wing is.
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