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ORIGINAL: twin3d

Sorry to say we are not going to have a Skydive event this year. Not enough support and interest. Thank you to those of you who showed an interest. Have a great year and happy flying.

Sad to hear that there is Little or almost no interest in RC Skydiving left in the USA , probably the economic situation is the main factor I guess .
Over here in the EU the situation is not much better , for the same reason we have decided not to participate in the remaining Muncie rally .

We have pleasant memories of the many " P..P.. " Skydiving Rally's We had the honer to participate in with our American friend's .

Maybe we we'll meet once again ,one day on another occasion , yawl never know

Thanks guy's, auf Wiedersehen and keep in touch .............Orange Power !!!!!!!!!.............

Marion ,Theo and Jules