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Default RE: .074 MARAUDER !!!

Yep, the old battery's charged up in the helmut cam. It should be pretty interesting to see what C/L footage looks like and how much zoom works the best. This plane ought to fly pretty slow with a 7x3 on 50 foot lines....so it would be a good way to get the video techniques worked out before trying to shoot a C/L Combat plane.

Another thing to experiment with here is to see how well it'll pull the lines on zero nitro, but first it's going to take time to get it trimmed out as good as possible with high power runs, then I'll lock in the final leadout position and cover the gaping hole in the wingtip.

Attempting this small of a C/L stunt type plane [not counting Goldberg Profiles] is a first for me, I've got no clue if it's too heavy or what else could possibly not work right.