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Default RE: .074 MARAUDER !!!

ORIGINAL: vertical grimmace

Hey CP, be careful with that EZ connecter on the elevator. I had one of those fail on a 1/2 A combat model I put on the bellcrank. Just like losing a line. it will go straight in.

Maxpower, Cl models do not need any vertical area at all really. It is more about looks. The main item that keeps the model tight on the end of the lines is lead out rake. This is the position of the lines exiting the wing tip. Imagine this and how it effects the angle the model flies relative to the circle of flight viewed from above. You want the plane to want to fly straight ahead. Other items to maintain line tension are incorporated as well, like engine thrust and rudder offset. Lead out rake and wing tip weight or the most critical items though, when setting up a CL plane.
For RC flight, tail volume is important though, and vertical tail volume is an important factor in design. Otherwise tracking will suffer if the area is too small.

VG, I made that EZ connector out of some bronze bushing stock. It has a #4 screw mounted rigidly to the control horn with about 4 or 5 threads that it pivots on. The set screw on the opposite end pinches the aluminum pushrod. So yah, there are more failure points than the standard clevis, that's for sure.

Yes, for much of the flight through the hemisphere, the side area of the plane is providing lift...
You figure with the overhead maneuvers you've got pure, raw line tension from the prop's thrust and the fuselage is just helping with lift if you keep the speed up.

A good C/L combat plane has such a high power to weight that they should be stall proof, but this .074 model will need to be flown with some caution I'll bet.