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Default RE: Vintage ducted fan (1975)

ORIGINAL: byrocat

Not realy hi-jacking but a valid quesiton, considering you're working with one of Dick Sarpolus's old designs. BTW, Dick designed the Axiflo and RK series of ducted fans. You might want to call them ''generation 1'', with the Dynamax being ''generation 2'', and the current generation being the incorporation of brushless motors and lipo batteries of high-capacity and C-rating, plus lighter building techniques.

While Dick Sarpolus is a very talented designer of aircraft models, he did not design the Midwest Axiflow fans or the RK series of fans...these were designed by RK himself, Robert (Bob) Kress. Bob was a chief engineer on the F-14 Tomcat at Grumman by day, and a talented ducted fan designer in his spare time.

A more prevalent early ducted fan that you could class as generation 1 would be the Jet Hanger Hobbies Turbax II. This was the first modern fan unit that did not require tedious assembly. Bob Violett used it in his famous early A-4 Skyhawk, before he went on to the Viojett fan.