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Default RE: .074 MARAUDER !!!

A few years ago, [maybe a few more than that] I made some kind of reference about The Ridiculous here at RCU.
It wasn't much later that he PM'd me and we talked about the NW C/L scene for awhile.
Being involved with combat back then, I never made time to do much roaming around to see how the other half lived. Spent a wee bit of time at the speed circle...but there were plenty of times you didn't want to be anywhere near that place.
Fondest memories of Eugene was cutting Willie Namura's plane loose with a full tank. It flew way off into the clouds and all you could do was hear it....then it shot straight down back towards us and shutoff just in time to land harmlessly just outside the fence. It had enough fuel to make it to Grants Pass if it flew straight.
There were so many fly aways that year that the airport banned us from coming back.

Type in "Ridiculous Rich Porter" on a google search and see what you come up with.
He used to pass out Xerox copies about Uncle Sam conspiracies to squelch 100 mpg automobiles and stuff like that. Who knows how prophetic some of his "rantings" were....?