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Default Parkzone PoleCat Ultra Micro

I’ve wanted one of the new Parkzone Ultra micro PoleCat parkflyersever since Ifirst saw the first ad for one. When they finally arrived at my local hobby shop, Greenfield News and Hobby, I was torn. While undeniably cool, did I really needanother plane? I decided to wait untill I saw one fly and then decide. Well, unfortunately for my wallet, I saw one flying at the golf dome two weeks ago, and it flew so wellI now have one. In the air, despite using the same power system as my Micro T-28 Trojan, it flew much faster, and that allowed it to carry suprising speed into vertical maneuvers.

Right out of the box the plane is beautiful, very nicely made and painted for a little hunk of styrofoam. While I’m dying to try out flying it, thats going to have to wait till my next dome fly in a little over a week from now. I will post again on this one after I have some flight time in.