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Default Domeflytech: How to carry all your stuff

I had an ongoing problem, ( yah I know, first world problem) of needing to carry as many as four indoor airplanes in their 17 x 20 inch suitcase style boxes, plus a larger sized McFoamy airplane the 1/8th mile or so from the golf domes parking lot into the dome itself.

Basically, it wasn’t that the boxes were too heavy, just that it was awkward, too many packages, not enough hands. After thinking occasionally about this problem for a year and actually web searching for various bigger boxes that I could fit all the smaller boxes into, I saw another flyer using aluggage carrier with bungie cords to secure all 4 boxes. Yes it was a headslap moment.

So, with the inspiration in place, the rest was pretty simple. I already had a luggage carrier gathering dust in the basement and a collection of bungie cords. To get the bungies at the right length, I had to link them. They are still not exactly the right length, so I will be keeping an eye out for some longer bungies. Otherwise this is just a good and easy idea that holds the boxes on solidly.