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Default RE: Is it safe to run an an rs4 3 evo + multiple times in a row?

If it's tuned properly you can run that engine, quite literally, until the receiver batteries give out. The engine doesn't care if it runs in short spurts or one long session.

Also, the base settings are killing your engine. Lean it out man. You'll get way more power and it will last longer. If you need help doing that we'll be glad to help you tune it.

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as long as you stay between 220-280 degrees you will be fine to run it as long as you have fuel!
Dont listen to this guy^^^^ even in cold weather the engine wont like running for more than 5 tanks in a row even properly tuned and you might even damage the pullstarter trying to turn it on after that many tanks in a row.A .21 on the other hand can go alot longer.There is no replacement for displacement and dont you forget it.

What?! I run mine for an hour straight. I refill the tank as it drains, no shutdowns whatsoever, and run 500CC through the engine in a go. It doesn't care. It's running as good now, three gallons through, as it did the day I broke it in. Also you won't damage the pull starter by trying to restart a hot engine unless you vaporlock it, flood it, or blow it up, and then keep yanking anyway even after it's ripped the car off the ground a few times. Don't be stupid with the pull starter and they last the life of the engine.