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Default RE: Where do you like to fly?

And I do like people, believe it or not. And I am certainly not selfish.
I share ideas and help people.
But I am getting older and some of the younger generation sometimes just does not have a whole lot of sense if you know what I mean.
I have seen rookies show up, fire off a bigger gas motor and see that plane take off toward spectators too many times in life. And it's not just where I am at now, I have flown in 4 states with many groups.
I don't want to be put in a dangerous situation or would I want to endanger anyone myself.
The last club I was a member of had so many restrictions due to their location that it wasn't even fun to fly anymore. One old timer had taken so many planes out of the air at the field that most preferred he did not fly at all.
And when it comes to taking turns time is an element here too. If you did not get there early enough at this location the winds can come up here in the peaks of the mountains quickly and you may not get to fly at all. If I remember correctly at that last field they only allowed 4 planes up at a time and about all you could do was take off and fly parallel to the landing strip due to the flight restrictions at that field. Not much fun and the altitude was limited too due to being on an approach to a real airfield.
Besides, flying electric is almost like flying a glider at times being so quiet. Sometimes the peace and quiet is really nice.
Kinda of like fly fishing alone on a stream to me.