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Default RE: Where do you like to fly?

[:@]From what I read in this thread, krashkart likes to fly alone. There's no reason he can't. But when he say's he doesn't like rules, then he has to put up with people flying all over the field, that's what the rules are for. I fly at the same field that flyinwalenda flies at. When the first person takes to the skies at any given day, we use that pattern to fly. If the wind is blowing from the left, we fly aright hand pattern. If the wind is blowing from the right, we fly a left hand pattern. If you fly at a field where there is no pattern, then you have to acept the way people fly. When we are flying, I try to call a manuver when I'm in the middle of the pattern. If someone takes off and goes the wrong way, when others are flying, we make sure he is aware of it. They either change the pattern to match the others or they land. Having these rules save a lot of accidents and helps to keep others from getting out of control.....