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Default RE: Where do you like to fly?

I just did not like the way either of the fields that clubs were set up. Too many risks with too many things like parking lots and other activities around them.
I also did not like the restrictive flying rules or patterns as a result of where these fields were.
At the one field there were entirely too many people that did not follow the rules. I guess they were special.
But in my time I have had many near accidents and seen people injured by people like this.
I am fortunate enough to live in an area where I have lots of places to go where nobody is going to get hurt and there will be no property damage as there is simply nothing at the site that I fly at except me in most cases.
I do have a couple of friends that on rare occasions come out with me but we know each others habits well and trust one another.
And I am getting older, but I have also run into some old timers that just plain forget things that has caused problems at club fields too.
My final straw was that when an old timer forget to secure his large model, started the motor and had it take off and impact very near where I was at the time. I just shook my head and was glad that I did not get hit by his large prop and put my gear in the van and left.

I chose to leave many of those situations behind. And what I have discovered in doing so is that it's more enjoyable to me.
And at my stage of life I don't have to explain it to anyone.