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Default RE: Customer Service Lesson For Xheli

With all due respect, I asked for an advance exchange guaranteed with a credit card, which your company refused even though one of your employees admitted they knew the model they were shipping out was not the one described in the ad, and two of your employees even implied I was trying to pull a scam. Then when it was questioned if you even had the correct model to exchange it for, your employee refused to offer any proof you had it, despite another employee stating you didn't have it and couldn;t even get it because it was discontinued and replaced with the model you ship.

Then you offered a refund but only ifI returned it first, which of course requires I extend a level of trust to your company it does not deserve. I can find multiple complaints about your company not issuing refunds, the customers having to resort to charge backs to get them ultimately and since your company has repeatedly made statements that at best were less than accurate, my counter offer was to have your company process the refund first and then I would return the heli soI wouldn't end up being another victim.

Oddly, one of your employees even made the claim that NO company does advanced exchanges, when the reality is, in cases where the company made the mistake, an advanced exchange is common. At least for companies that don;t have the lowest possible ratings. In the same forum he made that claim, another employee offered a customer a replacement transmitter with no requirement to send the defective one back at all. You people really need to start coordinating your stories so you don;t make fools of each other.