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Default RE: Do you use FrSky Modules and Receivers?

I as well have switched to the FrSky 2.4 GHz solution with telemetry. In all fairness, I have little time in air with it - maybe 6 -8 hours? I used Fly Dream 2.4 for last year or so and decided I wanted/needed telemetry.

I went with the FlySky 9x (with ER9x firmware) transmitter so that I had integrated telemetry. This lets me see received signal strength (at receiver), LiPo voltage as well as BEC voltage. I also have altitude on my screen (which is quite useless for the pilot but great for buddy to read off). Because this system gives all of this data, it gives me a warm fuzzy because I know longer guess on LiPo voltage or the received signal strength (am I in range). I can't tell you the number of times I ditched a thermal because I was worried about pack voltage - no more.


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3 Transmitters in use
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1 FlySky 9x with FrSky 2.4 (for bigger planes/sailplanes) with integrated Telemetry
1 Hitec Eclipse 7 with Fly 2.4 (backup only now)