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Default RE: New (to me) internet myth

I didn't have a need to mention the final measurement / acceptance because I was referring to how the majority (by numbers sold) of RC engines are made (In china mostly). - there they set up for an approximate size, then use pretty much everythign that comes off the line.

A REAL cylinder is made slightly differently.

Rough Machining
Finish Machining (with a different cutting tool to what was used in the Rough Machining)
Inspection for acceptance / rejection
Plating / Coating (Either Electro-plating of multiple metallic layers with a Chrome alloy as the final run - or with a Silicon Alloying coating such as Nikasil)
Inspection for acceptance / rejection
Final Grinding to size
Finish Honing with fixed hone tooling
Final measurement
Acceptance or rejection

Pe - the beauty of such manufacturers as MVVS is that the product is consistently great from one engine to the next - it took me a while to really "get" that but once it is experienced, it sure is a nice thing.