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Default RE: Hawker Hunter 1/6th scale ARF from Flying Legends

OK, started the assembly now. I elected to do the wings first on this one which basically involves flap and aileron servos. Servo mounts are the 90 degree angle pieces, first time Ive seen these in plastic rather than aluminium but good material and very strong. These in turn mount on to the wooden formers in the wings. I am using Spektrum 20kg digi servos on ailerons and flaps. Probably slight overkill on the torque but they are very good servos and attractively priced.

I found the mounting formers on the aileron and flap to be too low in the wing for my liking so I milled out some pieces of 2.4mm epoxy board and stuck them on the wooden formers to bring the servo closer to the outer skin. Then drill, tap and secure with supplied M3 countersunk screws. I found on the flap servo covers the opening for the servo arm was quite far inboard so by the time I had opened it up enough it looked rather big so I decided to mill out another pair from epoxy board with the openings in the right place. I will have a go at mixing up some paint later to paint these and the clevises so they blend in nicely. The slots for the control horns are already milled for you so that is basically your datum for lining up the servo in the hatch. Nice linkage hardware is provided with a ball link at one end and clevis at the other. Not strictly necessary to have the ball link as the servos are at right angles to the hinge line but I will use them as the offset of having the ball link on one side lines up with the servo output arm.

Whilst I was fiddlin' and fettlin' I took the main gear out to have a look - decent size cylinders so should go up and down with authority and what a bonus that all the gear door hinging is done for you ! I reckon the door hinging would have taken me a day on its own!

I have put the wings to one side now whilst I do the tail and will then come back and hysol all the horns in at the same time. Supposed to be having a family day today so will try to get back on it when everyone has gone to sleep tonight [8D]
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