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Default RE: .074 MARAUDER !!!

Back in the day, way, way back before my time control line plane used flat bottom airfoils, some had dihedral and of course none of them were as aerobatic as a symmetric foiled plane could be. Many years went by like this before some renegade was bold enough to try a full symetric airfoil and then all hell broke loose. Control line became a really big deal with demo teams and combat, precision stunt routines, etc.
Some wildman thought up a couple stunts that to this day I've never heard of anyone else performing. One stunt was to have the planes' lines go from the handle, around a big round post and for the pilot to launch the plane himself and let the plane fly around the post, then just when the plane's lines cleared the post he would fly it back inverted around the post until it was almost ready to take off his head, then he would repeat the cycle over and over.
This stunt was called the "Reverso".

A variation of this stunt was to perform it while standing on a bridge..! I wish I could remember where I read about this or who the nutcase was who did it, but it was published in one of the mainstream model mags I would have had access to.