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Default RE: Henry Haffke, Giant Peashooter (85

I have built the original 56" WS version from the kit. I also scratch built 2 others (1 modified wingtips and tail section and the other as the kit is) and currently use 1 of them to break in my .40 - .50 size engines. Years ago I blew up the plans on a copier and taped the pieces together to get basically a 70" WS set of plans, then he came out with these plans, so I never got around to building it.
I have to say the original was a very fun plane to fly, and was the only plane I ever landed vertically. I was landing in about a 15mph headwind and just slowly came back on the throttle until it was right in front of me about eye level and again lowered the throttle click by click until it settled on the runway. SO COOL!
I will try to look for the issue today and see if I have it here. If I do I will gladly try to help you out...