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Default RE: Great Planes 25% Pitts M-12s 3D

AFAIK there has been no changes. I have helped a number of others with metal landing gear and modifying their aircraft with proper plywood replacement to ensure survival of props, etc.

This is an awesome flying plane but has a glass jaw with stock landing gear and weak airframe in the landing gear area.

GP has done themselves a disservice IMHO in trying to squeeze the last few pennies of profit from this ARF. Then again often the production products from Chinese manufacturers are inferior to the test products supplied to their customers for testing. We, the end users, are caught in a vise between the promise and the reality. My guess that GP is certain of the quality based on the prototypes but the manufacturers are doing both the contractors and end users in by supplying a sub-standard product.

Would I buy another? Yes, if mine came to untimely end.