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Default RE: Newbie to Electric Pattern

I too, am a newbie to electric after several years of flying glow. All of my information has come long distance; I’m about the only serious pattern flyer in Minnesota. The best advice I can give beyond what you’re already doing; trolling on the internet; is to find someone with a system that works and copy it. That way you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Check out the Prolog thread in the Electric Pattern forum. The guy that started it is from Omaha also. He has been flying electric for a few years so he has a good idea of setups and equipment, and he is a good flyer. See what he uses and how he uses it. Ask about sources; ask about his satisfaction level with his choices and methods; given the opportunity would he make the same choices, etc. Take notes and pictures. I had the advantage of knowing I was going to do that for this year so I was gathering information from mid-summer on, but with a person or more in your area already flying electric pattern you can you can get up to speed faster than I could. I know this person picked the brains of some fairly well established experts on his way to the change.

My setup (without having done much more to this point than still finishing up the plane build but have the equipment in hand):

Power Supply for the charger – surplus Dell server power supply “converted” to run without the server. Why? Because it was a lot cheaper: $22 shipped instead of quite a bit more for an off the shelf supply. It was also fun to work on. Originally I was planning to get one of the Iota 50 amp supplies from f3a-unlimited but a guy I talked to at a contest late last fall was doing it and I went with it too. I see f3a-unlimited has a different supply now that costs less than what I remember the Iota’s did. If Chris is selling it, he is likely to be using it, too.

Charger: CellPro10XP; I was going to get the CellPro10S but they replaced it with the 10XP; panic time…! Besides the endorsement of seeing numerous 10S’s in use the idea that the 10XP could handle NiCd’s and NiMH as well appealed to me. I still will have Transmitter and other batteries to take care of.

Motor Batteries: the rhinos referenced in places; 5S 4900 mah; cheaper, heavier…but not bad, I have seen a lot of people using them. I got enough for four sets. If a pre-contest flight occurs on Saturday, that pack should have time to be charged before it is needed for the fourth round. My own personal schedule rarely has time for more than four practice flights in a session.

ESC: Ice 80 HV from Castle based on the group I am copying

Motor: go with whatever your mentor is using, he can help with setting it up, maintaining it, what props to use, etc.

Hope this helps. I expect to be in Omaha for the pattern contest in August electric or not. It would be good to meet you then if not before.

Throw your questions out there; they will get answered!

Good Luck! Tom