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Default RE: rcTABU-MAKO ?

Hi I tested 2 of these boards last weekend at a local meeting we had,They are simple to fit they are true plug and play as far as the board goes,but you do need to fit the emmitter in a tube.They are very basic,I would recommend them for new guys ,the range of the battle unit may be poor (didnt get chance to test range)But even this can be fixed but fitting more sensors.They do work with Tamiya systems, they even work with WSN tanks(as Does the SLU which I found out at the weekend) .

  On the whole they are a very good starter system for new guys or even younger members(do you want your 8 year old grandson to drive your Tamiya)You can buy an I.R tank and fit this system and still have change from £100 ($150) not bad and if your grandson breaks it there cheap and easy to fix. un like your tamiya.
    These boards are a good way to get people into the hobby cheap to start ,once they have tried it and like it,then they start to spend money on either upgrades to the one they have or buy a Tamiya.

   regards pete