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Default RE: Newbie to Electric Pattern

ORIGINAL: dakoris73

tggilkey - Thank you very much for your email. I have been reading through this to see if its something I can do.

I do have another question for you guys: What battery packs is anyone using? I was looking for a 10s Lipo setup (2 x 5s lipo packs) and the various brands and pricing makes things really interesting. can those of you are using the Rhino, Zippy, or turnigy packs put your opinion of these packs for those of us who are still new and learning about this whole new world?

In particular, I was seeing that Hobbypartz was offering the Turnigy 5s 25c 5000mAh lipo packs are listed at $49.00/pack,( and the Rhino 5s 20c 4900 mAh lipo packs for $64.95/pack ( With these prices, its making the jump to electric a bit more affordable these days.....

HobbyPartz sells the "Sky Lipo" packs. If you are on a budget, these packs are tremendous. I have 2 sets of 10S packs (2x5S in series) of the 4400mah packs. They weigh 1140g per 10S and last through the pattern without coming close to the 20% cut off. I'm actually tracking flights on these packs to get a $/flight figure vs. the more expensive packs and so far, it's a good deal. Each 5S pack is around $40 and HobbyPartz is here in the USA. Nothing wrong with the HobbyKing stuff at all but this is yet another good option. If it is in your budget, have a look at Chris' batteries on F3A Unlimited. Chris supports pattern like no other. Any time I can, I support him.