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Default losi lipo headache!!!

so, as per usual, ive exhausted my eyeballs researching before posting this, and ive just managed to confuse my self further, so here goes

i bought two losi lipo packs from my lhs recently, cause they were on sale, and i needed them anyways. lol
i brought them home and low and behold the balance plug obviously is different than any of my other lipo batts.

from what ive read my charger and the rest of my battereies are using a JST XH or HX or something like that, and the one on the losi batt is smaller.

heres where it gets real confusing, alot of what i read says the the losi balance plug has 4 pins for 2s, but mine clearly have only three.... so my question is, what the heck do i need to do to be able to balance these packs?>

thanks for any and all advice

these packs were bought for my 25in mono, if i need to i can post over in electric car/truck type forums.

thanks again