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Default RE: Katana 50 by Hangar 9


That would be great, thank you. Feel free to post pics!

Well I have to say this is a nice plane so far, very well done... The only changes I have made so far is the Wheels and hinges.. I fly off of grass so the crappy little foam wheels that most arf's come with don't cut it. I went with a hangar 9 light 2.75, they worked on my Reactor so they should do the trick on the Katana..

I also shucked the CA hinges as I do on all my arf's, I am just not a fan of them and prefer a pin hinge.. It's an easy change on arf's like this, they already have the slit cut for ca hinges so you just need to open up a bit.. I took pics of how i did mine if you plan on going that way.. I have silky smooth control surfaces and a nice tight hinge gap..

The fuse is wide open when you take off the canopy/turtle deck and I mean wide open, lots of room to work and easy access to fuel tank andradio gear. It's a big plus!! The stab is pretty nice to, I love that it is twopiece glued in on a CF tube, instead of one piece, much easier to install with out getting epoxy everywhere..

On mine the CF tube on the wing was to tight, you could get it on but might not get it back apart with out breaking something.. A quick sand with some 400 grit and she slides in nice now, still tight, but easy enough to get apart..

This plane also has some crazy right hand thrust built in, I will get some numbers on it, but it's a lot.. Here are a few pics, I will take more tomorrow when It's done..

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