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Default RE: Katana 50 by Hangar 9

I moved the 1700Mh battery pack as far forward as I can and I still need 8oz in the nose to balance..

Hangar 9 if full ofcrap if you ask me, no way it will balance without adding weight.. The Saito 72 that I installed is the same weight as the 82, I added heavier wheels and a remote start to the front (I know that's not a lot of weight) and I used micros in the tail which are lighter then the JR 6060 that they used.... Not sure what else can be done besides adding weight to the nose....

Question for those smarter then me, trust me there are

If I add another 1500mh pack and a 600mh pack, she balances.. My question is this.

The 1500, can I put that on a "Y" harness and add it to my 1700 that is in there, will both batteries charge from my one charge jack on my MPI switch? Now the 600mh pack, can I wire that one to my remote ni starter and hook it to another switch? Turn on the switch to start the motor, then turn it off after it starts, no more using a ni starter on this plane?

I'm just trying to add useful extra weight instead of lead. Ant thoughts would be appreciated..