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Default Scratch Designed/Built Sailplane

Hey everyone. This is build log for a scratch-built, scratch-designed, gull-winged, V-tailed, electric powered sailplane.

A friend gave me an electric glider balsa kit to build (thanks Ned). Not being one for leaving well enough alone I immediately started thinking of mods. A rounded fuselage would be nice, maybe a V-tail, a fancy high-performance airfoil & so on & so on. By the time I was done thinking up mods I realized I couldn't use the kit anymore & returned it. She'd be 100% scratch built, awesome!

So here's my initial design roughed out in CAD...

Wing Span: 108" (2750mm)
Airfoil: SD 7023
Motor: Turnigy G15
Propeller: APC 13" x 7" folding
Battery: 3S 1800-2200mAh LiPo
Channels: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Throttle (with the crow, flaps down/aileron up thing)
Construction: Balsa, Spruce & some Carbon Fiber

I chose a subtle gull-winged design mainly because I love the classic look but also to help with ground clearance for the big flaps. For the same reasons a V-tail was also chosen. My main flying field is mowed grass but I like the idea of being able to take this "off-road" & land safely in weedy, long grass. If it was a foamy job I wouldn't worry but this bird being mainly balsa will be a tad fragile. Will be nice to have all the weaker bits up out of the way & let the fuselage take all the landing abuse. Besides gull-wings & V-tails are just plane cool.

Although the construction will be old-school built-up balsa I'll be using some modern tech as in carbon fiber here & there. For example the tail-boom will be a combination of old-school stick-balsa construction surrounding a CF tube. At least that's the plan.

Anyway enough babble, here's the build...