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Default RE: Katana 50 by Hangar 9

ORIGINAL: daveopam

I would mount the battery where you have the lead. That may make the CG too far forward though. However, if it's anything like the Funtana 40 or 50X that I have owned. They flew better with the CG behind the recommended range anyway. So after you get it trimmed with it as is. you may try taking the lead out one at a time.

Thanks for the tip Dave.
Right now the battery is inside the motor box, you can see thestrap holding it, If I mount where the lead is it would move forward maybe a 1/2". It might be enough to allow me to get rid of the lead and will work well for balancinglatterly... Being that this is glow and a messy 4 stroke to boot, fuel will be a concern..
Question, I vacuum seal a lot of things at my house. What if I did it tothe battery, see any problems with it being almost totally air tight? It won't be totally sealed as I will have my wiregoing into the motor box, but I could keep fuelout of it... Thoughts please.