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Default RE: Scratch Designed/Built Sailplane

I put the three wing panels together today so I could admire the wing as one piece, looked pretty awesome. When I set her down on my workbench I noticed she tipped to one side. I kinda expected this, one wing panel is slightly heavier than the other. I still had some sheeting to do so I figured this was a good time to see if I could equal things up a little. I mixed & matched my balsa stock until I found a combo that was close in weight...

I could have just added weight to the lighter wing but using slightly lighter balsa on the heavy panel achieve the same result without adding additional weight. I'll likely need to do this again once everything is complete but at least the wing is fairly close for now, give or take a few grams.

More reinforcing, I added gussets to the rear of the ribs in the non sheeted areas...

Just before the last of the sheeting went on I ran a length of string through the ribs so that I can later fish my servo wires though...

Outer panel sheeting is complete, woohoo!...

That's all for today, time now to watch some telly.