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Default RE: Do you use FrSky Modules and Receivers?

ORIGINAL: kwmtrubrit

Hey aeajr,

I saw your post and looked as I'm "kind of" interested in converting my 9cSuper to 2.4 on some of my planes too. I did some looking and although there's a bunch of stuff out there, I randomly looked at these two sites below. One fairly positive and one not so.

http://www.aero-nuts.com/product_inf...roducts_id=636 (this has a you tube video atteched)


Did you make the leap to FrSky?

I had purchased Futaba FASST modules for both my 9C Supers. I now have 4 7 channel receivers. I have spent $570 for the two modules and two more receivers. If I had known about how good FrSky was I could have done the same thing for $140 and had a set-up that was Telemetry ready.

At least FrSky has FASST compatible receivers. Those are getting good reports too.


I'm converting a 9C using a Futaba 2.4 module and FRsky receivers. We'll see how it all works when the module and receivers arrive

Did you make the move?

I want more reports guys!