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ORIGINAL: dragnse7en

ORIGINAL: Medrivfast

Hey dragnse7en, Why don't you keep your stupid comments to yourself. I own several RTR trucks. I don't have time or should i say i have better things to do than piece together a kit. I'm not a kid. I make well into the 6 digits yearly. I buy my own toys. Everybody was a newbie at once. Try helping someone instead of putting them down.
Okay fine. You got me right there. I apologize.

Now, go cry to your daddy and ask why your precious truck won't work no more.

Youre an ass!!!! A spoiled mamma ass as well!!!!

Take your six figures and shove it - no one here can care less.

Trust me, I've owned more r/cs than your oldest grandpa did.

What makes you think people care about you. I've owned my fair share of R/Cs. People like you push nebies away from this hobby. That's all it is. A fun hobby. Try not to take it serious.