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Default Silver Soldering for Dummies (HELP)

ORIGINAL: abufletcher

ORIGINAL: kljenkin
So, knowing how bad I will suck at silver soldering, is the JB Weld in place of silver solder an option on this 1/5 scale SE5a or my 1/10 scale Phonix D.III?
No. You absolutely NEED to learn how to do silver soldering if you want to do WWI modeling. Really, you can do it. JB Weld will NOT replace silver soldering. But it can be highly useful for certain task and I always have some on hand. For example, some designers use it as a way of fixing a music wire into the end of an aluminum tube. You couldn't do that with solder. It can also be great in place of regular epoxy when you need to shape the part after it's cured. Now I suppose, in principle you could slip two ends of a music wire into a tight-fixing metal tube and secure it all with JB Weld.

But really you HAVE TO learn to do silver soldering. Much better to just bite the bullet now.