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Default RE: Silver Soldering for Dummies (HELP)

ORIGINAL: abufletcher
. Then I add a couple drops of the liquid flux, heat it until it starts to "boil away" and then touch on the silver solder, which should flow right away into the joint.
See that flux and flowing into the join is what I am not getting. Not to mention the too hot or too cold.

I have heard to heat the thing touch the solder to it, but that never works and I end up touching the tip of the soldering iron to the solder, resulting in a glob of solder droping of or staying on the iron regardless of what I try.

I am ordering the recommended silver solder with the flux from Tower Hobbies.
My soldering iron is a $5 Walmart (KN 30 30W), which I guess means it is a 30 watt iron? So that sounds like inferior equipment to start with.
Below is a picture of a Soldering Gun 100 watt, so that will be a step in the right direction.

Now what I need is step by step instructions that a 10 year old could follow.

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