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Default RE: Balsa USA 1/4 Scale Nieuport 28 Build

After looking over the plans and after I played with some battery configurations on top of the plans I decided an electric variant is a possible choice for this model.

If I install the batteries in a vertical configuration they will fit easily into the cowl. If I make the top portion of the cowl removable then I will be able to access the batteries. This will also leave the sides available for mounting the cowl. My initial plan is to incorporate a stop block into the removable portion of the cowl. This stop block will act as a keeper for each battery which will be secured to trays slid into some vertical rails. All this will be on the firewall where I am sure some weight will be needed.

The model already has a "Cooling Tunnel" built into the fuselage at the bottom of the firewall. In the photo the batteries are all the way down to this "Tunnel". My plan is to make a secondary firewall that will have the mounting rails for the batteries and the actual motor mounted to it. This secondary firewall will bolt onto the firewall built into the model. The stock formers in the area of the firewall are balsa and not up to the task of holding the weight of the batteries.

If you look at the photo of the batteries you can see the curved area just above them. This is the section I plan to have removable to access the batteries.

The second to last photo, of the ruler on the plans, show there is easily enough ground clearance for just about any prop.

Decisions, Decisions!


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