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Default RE: Scratch Designed/Built Sailplane

Why is it the last 10% takes 90% of the time?

So I started adding gussets to the v-tail. I carefully measured the required angle then set about making 32 of these little buggers...

Then I noticed, duh, I'd need different shaped gussets for different areas of the tail. The leading edge, for example, runs at a different angle to the ribs than at trailing edge. After a long groan I tossed most of them & set about cutting out a new set. Anyway here's a panel with the corrected gussets installed. Came out nice & strong & fairly light...

And now for the next time sucking issue...

One of my ruddervators (love that word) annoyingly appears to have developed a moderate warp along its hinge line...

So back to my damp sponge trick, I saturated the wood then using a straight-edge as a guide, secured it to my workbench. I'll let it sit overnight, fingers crossed she'll be straightened out come morning...