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Default RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post

ORIGINAL: charlesp

looks like it is 18lbs dry but i have put quite a bit up frunt so it is nose heavy acording to the manual. Im sure it will be lighter when i get the cg back were i want it
I appreciate your responses, Thanks! You physically replaced the upper wing tabs with aluminum ones if I understand you right, correct? You don't think just runnine extra CA glue into the existing slots would have been good enough? What prompted you do do that? Did you give them a tug or somethign and they just popped off or came loose?

How did you secur the new al tabs? Just epoxied them in place or is there more to i?

any other mods you care to make? I bought this plane just because I wanted a biplane to put an unused 4.2ci (70cc) gas engine in. Once I knew these guys built tail heavy with a 50cc engine, I knew I found the right biplane considering the price. So I'll be 'beefing up stuff' like that so thanks for the heads up. If you can think of any other 'mods' I'd love to hear them. Has anyone on this list crashed theirs yet or experienced any airframe failure or near failure?

Is everyone epoxing the top wing halves together permanenty? Is the stab strong enough w/o wire supports over the long haul?