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I'm trying something new on this model. I usually use CA hinges but I noticed one of my ARF gliders uses just the covering its self as a hinge joint. The result is a gap-less joint that's fairly sturdy & doesn't seem to bind at all. If my ruddervators start to fall off in a month or so I guess its back to CA hinges but my other glider has been around for years & no signs of hinge fatigue yet. So I thought I'd give it a try. Here's how my hinges are laid out...
First off, let me say that you have built one heck of a nice looking glider!!

Now, if it makes you feel any better.....I have been using that "covering hinge" method for quite a few years. When done properly it is a superb, trouble free system. To reiterate what Bruce said, it is best on slower aircraft such as gliders and park flyers, and you will have no problems with yours at all. Now, just to show you how well they can stand up even on an aircraft that is able to fly a bit faster and put more loads on the controls................

This nice green airplane does not have a single "proper hinge" anywhere. Every control, ailerons, elevator, and rudder, are ALL done with the exact system you show above in your diagram. After 1 full season of hard flying, includinga bunch of glider towing.
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