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Default RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post

ORIGINAL: charlesp

I used 1 chanel for all the anerons and mixed the elevators together witch ment that i needed 3 y leads.

One out of rx seperating top and bottom wing, then 1 for each wing. All my y leads were 9'' i think

I think I used 10'' leads in the bottom wings.

Anything i cant get to in the fuse i alwise soder it so i dont have to worrie about it comeing apart

hope this helps
Somehow I'm not quite sure we got the same biplane down to the nuts and bolts, or should I say, manual and level of airframe completeness?

Here's my instructions, turns out there's just a not in the box to got the link below. Did you get better/different instructions with yours?


Were your cabanes pre-bent? How did you attach them to the fuselage? It's funny the detail they show on some of the ho hum asembly but then complete ignore some of the most important areas...