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Default RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post

I'm starting to notice even more differences. I have the large cutout in the wings for the servos to be install internally underneath the access panel with only the control arm sticking up through a slot.

My outer wing struts do not come with wooden tabs to screw into the struts nor are they installed. I have 16 little anodized aluminum tabs hanging lose in a bag that I guess I'm supposed to insert somewhere, somehow and that 's supposed secure the struts. Everything is monocoted over so I will have to hunt to pre made slots or something. There's no mention of them. Every website picture I've seen has the cabanes pre-colored yellow. Mine are not. All the hinging I've seen are robart on web sites, mine are slits for CA hinges.

One of the 4 top wing 'joiner tabs' to the cabanes that did come pre-installed has been snapped off during shipping. It's an integral part of the inner top wing ribs so in a sense part of the rib has been snapped off. I notice on this thread the original guy glued his top wing halves together and just eliminated this weakness in the design. I really don't want one long 71 inch wing if I can help it. I could easily see this happening again just from transporting the wing halves around to and from the field. Did you glue top wing halves together as well? I guess I could always hack the current rib out, use it as a template and put in a new one plus carbon fiber the whole inner rib/tab on each wing half to try and make it more durable and less prone to snap off. How's yours been holding up?

did you use the fuel tank that came with it? I actually like the shape, just not sure it's going to hold up over time without splitting. It's plastic half seams look pretty sketchy in a couple of areas.