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Default RE: saito 125 or dle 20

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I was running a Saito 125 in my Seagull Yak 54 and for the most part it ran great, smooth and uneventfull. I also bottle fed it Power Master 20/20 fuel at an alarming rate. I decided to yank the motor and run a DLE 20. I was able to sell the Saito used for $250.00 on Ebay. I was suprised to find that the Gasser ran the plane noticably better than the Saito at a much cheaper cost. It is installed inverted wnd runs perfect. The Saito runs much quieter than the DLE but its worth the decible increase.
For the most part this is why I go to gas on anything bigger then my 1.20s. I run the older YS 1.20s and for some reason they don't suck down fuel as bad as most other big glow engines? Plus I can't sell them without loosing a huge pile of money. With the new small 20 and 22cc gas engines on the market I wouldn't buy any 1.20 glow engine today. The gassers are just so much easier, cheaper and cleaner, not to mention how much cheaper they are to operate. If I didn't already have so many 1.20 glows on hand I would have nothing but gassers today. It's the price of glow fuel that is going to kill the big glow engines.