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Default Re: How long till you solo'd?

Originally posted by carlmb
Good evening. I finished my LT40 kit a week ago and flew for the first time this weekend with an instructor. He took off and landed and we passed the control back and forth once the plane was up. We made 4 flights and by the 4th I was comfortable making lazy circles around the field and was working on lining up the landing strip on my last flight. I can't believe how nervous I am and feel like I will never have complete control. Does this sound similar to anyone else's experiences? Thanks in advance for your reponses.
Well as I just solo'd today, I must say it depends on how fast you learn. I have only flown maybe a handful of times or 2 and did my solo today. However with having FMS (Flight simulator) I did practice on that and seemed to help. Today was my first day of taking off and landing, prior to today I was doing circuits around the field and lining up for the approach. As far as nervousness is concerned you will be for awhile, but in time you will start to feel better each time you get out. And eventually you will have 99% control as that 1% anything could happen, <- not to scare you but it happens.

Anyways GOOD LUCK and please let us know how you do.