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Default How long till you solo'd?

I believe my first full circuit solo was my 15th flight. My club has a regimented scorecard & checklist which each student gets graded by various instructors. You don't get to 'try' soloing until you are 'satisfactory' in most maneuvers.

About the 5th week into our Wednesday night school another student and I arrived to find an empty field (it had rained all day). The two of us spent a couple hours taxiing out, getting up steam, cutting throttle when the wheels left the ground and then taxiing back in. We never got over head level all night. But after that I soloed the next week and haven't been on the trainer cord since.

Actually, I had flown control-line and free flight in high school and my first RC flight 25 years ago was solo. I repaired it after that and my second flight was also solo. The pieces went in the trash and the radio components were sold to a co-worker. Second time around I joined a club and received instruction under the buddy box. What an invention!