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Default RE: Hangar 9 30cc P-47 Build Thread

Hey ron,

Real sorry to see this. I have forwarded the pictureson to the development team for review. They are looking into this to try to better understand how this could have happened. The oil/fuel spill is the most disconcerting point here. We will find out.

Thanks John,
I just printed my label and will take it over to UPS in a few. The part that sucks for me is I'm in California so instead of shippping back to your west coast warehouse it has to go US ground all the way back to Illinois, then you guys ship back...were talking another 2 week wait for me. That's kind of lame.... you think they could ship once they have confrimation I shipped it. but it is what it is... I just pray this was a one off issue and the next one looks much better and with no spill in the box. I also hope they don't run out and I"m back on the back order list..... I would be done with it forsure if that's the case

I probably wouldn't be as pissing if I hadn't waited so long for this thing so don't think I'm a jerk wad I'm sure it will all work out fine in the end