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Default RE: Hangar 9 30cc P-47 Build Thread

Hi All.
Just received my P-47D here in the UK............The main "carriage" box showed the usual long distance travel marks,but only minor ones!! The main Thunderbolt box was perfect,no signs of any damage,pretty good so far........
When I opened the box,all was well secured and very neatly done I must add,so full marks for that HH.Having followed this thread and read what had happened to Ron.I was keen to see the fuzz,again this was well wrapped and secure............I was pleased to see that the fuzz was perfect,no damaged and I found onlt two minor "bubbles" ( so far !!!).I was however very dissapointed to see that the HATCH LENGTH had not been sorted,so I guess I will be doing that fix as per John's in this thread ( I think that I will probaly apply the extra balsa wood to the firewall end and just cover that mod with "silver H9 covering").
The remainder of the kit was perfect,no other damage was seen on any other items..........so again,very pleased with that !!!
It would appear that,and I quote here" A few models have left the factory with the aileron covers fitted in REVERSE".......MINE IS ONE OF THESE!!!!! A "yellow" ADDENDUM is inclued with all the info you will need,together with a "part" star and bar " to fix when you turn the cover to it's correct position........the other wings aileron cover is plain "silver",so no problem there.

I think that Ron's smell and oil stain was coming from the "fixed" gear pack,which is heavily oiled to prevent rusting and of course the oil will soak through the plastic bag........I guess they put too much oil on Ron's gear or didn't drain it long enough.........my box that contained these items had oil staining,but not too much had soaked to the rest of the packing boxes.

In all very pleased with what I have received,but I must say on Ron's case, as he wants to go electric......THE ITEMS REQUIRED FOR ELECTRIC SHOULD BE INCLUDED AS STANDARD IN THIS VERY EXPENSIVE HIT ( NOT SOLD AS AN OPTION )......correct me if I'm wrong,but I thought most H 9 offered electric mounts as standard and in much lower priced ARTf's.

I can understand the "pilot-Tub" being an option to be bought...........on that option subject,I ordered the bombs and belly tank option,only to find them standard in the box !!! I may have mis-read on the product advert when it first appeared !!!

I would like to thank John Redman for this superb build thread..........I hope I can acheive a good result and I will post my build as it gets going.

I hoping to power this bird with the OS 55GT Petrol............all looks good to fit and will see what can be done to make sure the firewall is up to the task.