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Default RE: 'Zombie' attack in PA !!!


ghosts are real, that I know for sure, and it isn't pleasant seeing one. and I flat out don't trust Ouija boards, its not really the board that is the problem, it the users inviting in bad energy. I don't believe in aliens (the green guys not the border jumpers), I don't believe in bigfoot, in elcupachabra, loch-ness monster or the missing link, but I believe in heaven, hell, god, Lucifer, demons, ghosts and energy.

but zombies? naaa, thats just crazy people taking crazy drugs and going crazy, who know what was going on in that mauler's head? drugs are bad, and you never know if something is laced or hot, It gives those tweakers super human strength and the ability to resist tazers and pain, essentially the brain is not working the way it was intended to work, and the whole system goes haywire- freaky stuff.

so i mean in a way, it is like a zombie, you can't reason with them and you need to shoot them in the head to stop them immediately
i messed with the quija board in my bedroom , then for some reason i started taking pics of the mirror in my bedroom and saw ghostly faces in the mirror , and then saw a shadow orb cross the hallway about a foot off the ground and go into the other room .